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I want to apologize for not posting but I’m without my PS and.. I should have kept my extra edits! :( I’m sorry, I’ll be back.


I love Rosa and I don't see why people dislike her. She's wonderful and I know a bunch of people who like her. I think she'll gain a bigger following once the season of Total Divas with her comes out.

I totally agree! I’m really excited to see her on Total Divas. I think she deserves so much but.. meh. WWE doesn’t seems to like her.

No. Rosa Mendez isn't that great, tbh. I haven't met many people who do like her. Love your blog though!

It’s sad cause I think she’s awesome and I haven’t met many people who like her too. And thanks bby 

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You guys don’t really like Rosa Mendes or don’t like my Rosa Mendes’ edits, do you? Cause like everytime I post an edit of her it gets 1 or 2 notes when it doesn’t get 0.

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